Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Last night's meeting

The meeting last night, as reporting in today's Pottsville REPUBLICAN (, was a session of emotional debate, near-resigned condemnation of the diocese, and the beginnings of a plan of action that--if and when the battle ends--it consist of a group of parents, students, and alumni that go down with a fight..

Several parents admitted that they feel they don't stand a chance. Others believe that their voice will still be heard.. However, in the end, most believe that if it ends it will not be silent..

As reported in the REPUBLICAN, Carol Twardzik, a parent of a Brennan student, said, "The purpose of this meeting is to get a unified front. The Synod had two years to develop and carry out a plan. We have just four business days to organize ourselves."
Parents left the three hour meeting dismayed by the process. Some compared it to last year's debacle in Girardville, which ended in schools being closed down and clergy never truly saying why, instead mocking parents with "sports" insults and other sarcastic comments during a closed-to-the-media session about the future of grade schools in the greater Schuykill county area..
The meeting, scheduled for Sunday at 2pm until 4pm, may be needless, according to at least one parents. The fact is, the decision about the future of Cardinal Brennan may very well have already been made--long before the debate over the future began.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Cardinal Brennan "worth the investment"

Tim Wardzik in a letter to the POTTSVILLE REPUBLICAN today:
"Our children deserve more than four days to decide their future.

Pastoral council, please take your time and do the right thing. "

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Apparently the newspaper has been getting some angry mail lately about their coverage of Cardinal Brennan's future..
Editor Banko bite:
"I'm told one official said something along the lines of "Everyone knows the church is having financial trouble, so that's not news." Obviously, the financial distress and possible closing of a school -- any school -- is a major story... just ask the people who work there, who attend classes there, so send there kids there or who attended the school themselves. Or the people of the diocese. To claim it is not newsworthy is to claim that an event or issue that impacts hundreds of people is not important. The REPUBLICAN & Herald will continue this story as it unfolds. Because it's important to the readers."
Good decision, Mr. Banko. Also, I would be curious to see you expand on who this "official" may have been..

Early word..

Same story. Same old song and dance. Cardinal Brennan appears to be going to the same direction as Immaculate Heart in Girardville..

Major meeting tonight

Parents plan of action put into place.. or at least will be put into place tonight..

Hope to have some information on what happened later..

Sunday, February 25, 2007

I wonder how many pre-written questions for the March 4 meeting have been received yet??

And I wonder how many won't get repeated on March 4.............

The death of Catholic education up North

It's not just here. .The Scranton TIMES-TRIBUNE reporting on parents struggling with higher tuition bills.. According to the TIMES-TRIBUNE, here is the info on tuition prices up north:
Bishop Hannan: $3,575

Bishop O’Hara: $4,295

¦ High schools 2007-08

Holy Cross High School: $4,000

¦ Elementary schools 2006-07

Our Lady of Peace: $2,625

St. Mary of Mount Carmel: $1,975

LaSalle Academy: $2,200

All Saints Academy: $2,200

St. Clare/St. Paul: $2,000

Marian Catholic: $2,160

IF Cardinal Brennan is open next year, it's anyone's guess as to what the price will be for an education.
Heard a lot of debate of private vs public schools lately..

I am not even sure if it really comes down to the argument between public vs private, that's not winnable since everyone would have a different story.
But what I DO think it comes down to this is: Betrayal of an entire area by a church. They are taking advantage of the "dumb" coal regioners.. closing down schools and churches because of "no money" all the while Cardinal Brennan was not permitted to even have a fundraiser! This while the Church shells out dollar after dollar continuously for abuse cases to this day..
It's a sad state of affairs. There's no face to the closures. It's numbers. It's "enrollment."

The dioscese has successfully created the circumstances that exist now. They are using those self-created circumstances to justify what they will do next.

More than a few students that went to CB will remember the "sacred ground" lines they used to get. Guess it wouldn't be sacred anymore if they just sell or auction off the land to the highest buyer...

Saturday, February 24, 2007

A series of unfortunate events always lead to more. Hopefully not this time.. but time will tell..

This blog meant to serve as the written history of how a school either closed or stayed open.. a documentation on a Catholic Church that seems to be struggling in what was once one of the biggest strongholds in the country: The Coal Region of Pennsylvania...