Sunday, February 25, 2007

Heard a lot of debate of private vs public schools lately..

I am not even sure if it really comes down to the argument between public vs private, that's not winnable since everyone would have a different story.
But what I DO think it comes down to this is: Betrayal of an entire area by a church. They are taking advantage of the "dumb" coal regioners.. closing down schools and churches because of "no money" all the while Cardinal Brennan was not permitted to even have a fundraiser! This while the Church shells out dollar after dollar continuously for abuse cases to this day..
It's a sad state of affairs. There's no face to the closures. It's numbers. It's "enrollment."

The dioscese has successfully created the circumstances that exist now. They are using those self-created circumstances to justify what they will do next.

More than a few students that went to CB will remember the "sacred ground" lines they used to get. Guess it wouldn't be sacred anymore if they just sell or auction off the land to the highest buyer...

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