Friday, March 23, 2007

Media reports..

News media orgs picking up the CB story--hours after Bell Tower Blog was the first to break the story of the school closing..

The Pottsville REPUBLICAN


The Bishop wrote in his letter to parents that CB students "will receive a warm and enthusiastic welcome" at Marian High School in Tamaqua or Nativity BVM High School in Pottsville and that seventh and eighth grade instruction will be restored at Trinity Academy at the Father Walter J. Ciszek Education Center In Shenandoah beginning in September...

"Wait until after lunch"

Though some members of the clergy wanted the announcement of CB's closure to wait until after lunch, a few teachers (at least two) began telling class persons during homeroom.. The news quickly began to leak out and reverberate through the area..

The death of Cardinal Brennan High. A fixture in many lives for many years..

More coming.

The deed is done..

> Cardinal Brennan shutting down..
> A very reliable source informs the Bell Tower Blog that after all the debate, Cardinal Brennan will be no more. Teachers are reportedly crying in hallways.. children shocked at the news that everyone knew was coming. It was just a matter of time from the beginning...
> More as it develops. But now, March 23, 2007: The beginning of the end of Cardinal Brennan.
> More coming as I learn information..