Sunday, March 25, 2007

The final march..

Girardville was covered with green yesterday for the annual St Patrick's Day parade.. During the parade, Cardinal Brennan's blue and gold was seen for the final time: The small marching band that was organized a few years back marched through the main street of the town--this year however they teamed with Marian Catholic. Wonder when that was planned?

The talk of the town, though, in many instances was the future of Cardinal Brennan's grounds, the building, and the students and teachers.

There are 168 students now searching for a new school--juniors searching for a high school rather than a college as the Pottsville REPUBLICAN pointed out yesterday..
There's more than 20 teachers without jobs. Though past classes wouldn't know the new fresh faces of the 2000s, they would still be able to go back and see a few faces familiar.

This will be a life changing event--just as it was in Girardville last year and other schools in other states at other times.

Perhaps the most ironic part: One students who had his grade school, Immacuate Heart, close down last year now has his high school, Cardinal Brennan, closed down this year. He will now have to back to a grade school, Trinity in Shenendoah, to complete his eigth grade. That is, of course, if he continues in Catholic school.