Monday, March 12, 2007

Don't expect anything this week

Though there has been speculation that there would be some form of a decision made regarding Cardinal Brennan's future by March 15, a phone call to the Diocese press office today offers very different information...

The Bell Tower Blog spoke to the Diocese today. On the March 15 date: Don't expect anything this week. The spokesman told me that regardless of what rumors are being circulated, it may be a while before the Bishop makes any final decisions on the future of the school..

On how the decision will be made: No clue.

The official I spoke to also told me that there has been no official decision on how the Diocese will disperse information on the Cardinal Brennan once it has been made..

A source to the Bell Tower Blog also confirms that there was an official from the Pastoral Council at Cardinal Brennan today for a visit.. The source told me that the official from the Council was "very impressed" by the school's facilities, the "spirit," and the teachers.. I will attempt to confirm this information with Cardinal Brennan tomorrow during business hours..

But the big story: There will probably not be anything confirmed for some time, and there is still no word on how exactly a decision will be released once it's made..


More letters.. more schools..

The Allentown MORNING CALL (,0,7080207.story) has running story that may sound eerily familiar: Parents of students at Our Lady of the Angels Academy in Lansford were mailed letters last week telling them that their close may close due to operating costs and enrollment.
Cardinal Brennan gets a mention in the article..Interestingly enough, Diocese Spokesman Matt Kerr said that no studies were planned at Ss. Peter and Paul School in Lehighton; St. Joseph's Regional Academy in Jim Thorpe; St. Jerome Regional School in Tamaqua; any other elementary schools; or Marian High School in Barnesville.
March 15 is almost here.