Saturday, June 9, 2007

The end.

The last graduating class is now gone.. the halls are not empty. The lower classpersons searching for another school. Somewhere else to ease their broken hearts..

With the slam of a bus door and the last playing of the Cardinal Brennan Alma Mater, it ended.. Not with a bang but with a whimper..

The last signatures on the walls of the bell tower are just drying.. the tears that strolled down the faces of students may not be dry for a bit of time..

The untold stories of classes gone by.. from the last century to our current one. A school that spanned so much time and so much history; vacant now.

The echoes of students laughing at bells ringing will not fill the dark halls anymore. Instead it will be the quiet sounds of ancient noises.. the whistle of wind coming trough cracks in the windows during the winter.. That heavenly sound of snow falling onto the pine trees outside of the school will not be heard by a soul..

The life that new students would bring each new warm September morning will never be seen again..

The memories will now just be memories. Gone like life itself is going: Into history.

The class of 2007 will take their experience with them through life.. the classes of tomorrow will feel a little empty on their graduation day.. the classes of yesterday will never quite have the same reunion they would have under other circumstances..

Reality is reality. And this ending is bluntly realistic.

.. the class of 2007...
Good luck.