Friday, March 23, 2007

"Wait until after lunch"

Though some members of the clergy wanted the announcement of CB's closure to wait until after lunch, a few teachers (at least two) began telling class persons during homeroom.. The news quickly began to leak out and reverberate through the area..

The death of Cardinal Brennan High. A fixture in many lives for many years..

More coming.


Anonymous said...

Our beautiful school closing and our beautiful children forsaken, BUT the Bishop has two condos in NJ. One purchased years ago worth $1.3 million and another he purchased in 2006 for $615,000. That money sure could go a long way in keeping Brennan open. But I guess he has HIS priorities!!!

Anonymous said...

It is amazing how in the letter that the bishop sent to the CB parents he soley mentioned the financial aspects of Cardinal Brennan...i guess money is the only thing that matters anymore.

Anonymous said...

who were the clergy that wanted to wait till after lunch?? They knew what was going to happen to CB on 2/2 when the bishop visited Trinity Academy--what was suppose to be a Teacher's Luncheon to end Catholic School's week turned out to be a CLOSED luncheon for the pastors and principal of Tinity Academy--