Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Apparently the newspaper has been getting some angry mail lately about their coverage of Cardinal Brennan's future..
Editor Banko bite:
"I'm told one official said something along the lines of "Everyone knows the church is having financial trouble, so that's not news." Obviously, the financial distress and possible closing of a school -- any school -- is a major story... just ask the people who work there, who attend classes there, so send there kids there or who attended the school themselves. Or the people of the diocese. To claim it is not newsworthy is to claim that an event or issue that impacts hundreds of people is not important. The REPUBLICAN & Herald will continue this story as it unfolds. Because it's important to the readers."
Good decision, Mr. Banko. Also, I would be curious to see you expand on who this "official" may have been..

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