Thursday, May 12, 2016

The bell tower revisited

It has been some time since I typed out a post on here.. I check my stats now and then and realized that hundreds of people per month are still searching for and finding this blog.. The Bell Tower Blog..

Cardinal Brennan has been closed now for years.. Changes. Lots of graduating classes would have come and gone. And gone.. and gone. The beat went on.
The area has too..

The Bell Tower Blog captured a moment in time, when a school was shuddered and lives were forever changed. And scarred. But the area has received its share of devilish grins, too..

Heroin blankets most streets across the coal region now. And so does depression, joblessness, sadness and grief. The mall, the Schuylkill Mall, appears to be entering its final days. With more stores closing by the moment, the seconds are ticking and time is winding down.

There seems to be an overall feeling of malaise that has swept the land. It seems down lately.. It seemed changed.

Perhaps one can soon look back at recent and soon to be distant history and pinpoint a certain time when the area died away and withered? Maybe it has to do a bit with the loss of church life--priest lawsuits and cases of pedophilia have hurt deep and caused everlasting wounds. Schools closing did not help. They took a sense of security from some. Parents who attended Catholic schools now have a tough choice: Risk spending most of what little extra cash they have on school.. or pick the other school.

Times have changed. The bell has tolled over and over again. And with each new phase of life, the standard and quality of life has been compromised.

Thanks for reading.
I am honored many of you still seem to be checking back...


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