Sunday, April 21, 2013

Let us never forget what happened in 2007

Memories fade .. events become fuzzy. Cardinal Brennan's past is now long gone. From nuns who'd walk the dark halls at night long ago to the students who'd fight to stay away until Friday, it's all history now.

No matter how much time rolls on, we need to keep a memory alive. A spirit of Cardinal Brennan was always palpable. To a degree it still is.

And six years ago, someone tried to blow that flame out. Did it work? Only you know that.

Here's what many of us were talking and thinking about in April, 2007: Families scrambling to find new schools.

Most of those folks who had to start in new places are graduated and gone from the schools they picked. They're becoming doctors and nurses, truck drivers and bartenders, and Marines and Navy Seals.

Did you keep the memory alive?

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