Sunday, March 22, 2009

An update..

Haven't posted in some time..

The latest information, from the Pottsville REPUBLICAN in a letter to the editor from . .The letter writer writes,
"A number of clergy have privately expressed dismay at being forced into early retirement. A Polish parish arranged the importation of clergy from Poland, but it was reportedly denied by Bishop Cullen. A Slovenian parish planned similarly, but was informed that its effort would also be denied. The bishop also reportedly refused importing additional African clergy as suggested by the Vatican.

The synod’s own building guidelines recommends the choice of the best buildings for the newly combined parishes. In reality, the best buildings were rejected for the more inferior, for it is fiscally wise to place the best building on the real estate market and financially burden the parishioners to bring the inferior buildings to the standards of those closed."

Full letter..

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Anonymous said...

The Allentown Diocese has silenced the pastor of the two Catholic churches in Girardville. He is forbidden to post any items on the internet.