Friday, August 3, 2007

And so it ends..

Not with a bang.. but with a wimper. The arguments over .. we're in the dead heat of summer.. but that long stretch of vacation soon will be over. And with it, officially, ending will be Cardinal Brennan as we knew it. Gone forever are those signatures on the bell tower wall..

The Bell Tower Blog, I suppose, must go with it. Also no bang here.. just that long dull wimper..

In 1996, I was a freshman.. I waited outside of the school the day before Thanksgiving vacation started .. my ride to take me home was late.

But I was at peace. It was before the pine trees were knocked down.. the cold wind was blowing through them making a long, dull, and ancient howling whistle.

I hear that same noise now. .in the middle of summer. Those distant memories .. In the past now.

The future is now. And the future it without CB.


Anonymous said...

I wish people would stop using the bang/whimper analogy already. it's become awfully trite in this context and belongs to T.S. Eliot, anyway. at least give the man a footnote, for Christ's sake.

Anonymous said...

yea, and take some goddamn grammar classes while you're at it.

schmuckraker said...

And so it goes. Not with a bang, but with a whimper. Or a whimpier. Or a banger. Or bang me a wimp

Anonymous said...

entisdsOnly the grumbling and grousing -- pointless and vexing habits -- continues.

It will be eerie at the site without the goings on of a jr-sr high school yet that will fade too, in time.

All things change and what will become of the campus has yet to unfold. There will be more and even greater changes soon enough.


former CB student said...

I miss Cardinal Brennan.

Anonymous said...

serentis, get over yourself. seriously.

Anonymous said...

For if he like a madman lived,
At least he like a wise man died.

Miguel de Cervantes

Anonymous said...


Mr. Schappell