Saturday, March 24, 2007


Principal Fowler appearing on the front page above the fold in tears..

The history of Cardinal Brennan reprinted in the paper today too.. The REPUBLICAN reporting today:
Rather than visiting colleges this summer, Cardinal Brennan 11th-grader Nicole Henning will tour high schools.
She’s part of the junior class at Cardinal Brennan Junior/Senior High School that will be forced out when the school closes June 8"

So few choices. So little time.

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Anonymous said...

This picture of Dr. Fowler sums up the sadness and frustration that was felt at CB on Friday. Teachers were left with cleaning up the mess that the Diocese had allowed to happen. Teachers were handed letters and told to inform their students of the brennan closing. They were left with answering questions for which they only had a piece of paper. Where were the officials from the Diocese? The closing of Cardinal Brennan may have been inevitable but there was no thought given to the people that this decision effected, most importantly the students themselves. I'm afraid that the warm welcoming of Marian and Nativity will not be enough to heal the wounds that this process has caused. I hope that I am wrong. This is a wake up call to every other school in the Diocese especially those in the poorer areas. Who will be next? It may not be this year or next. Prepare your children for this possibility because the Diocese will not!