Thursday, March 29, 2007

Sales time

> Let the selling begin: Nativity and Marion representatives were at Cardinal Brennan yesterday to give the fine points of why their respective schools are the obvious choices for the kids.
> Cardinal Brennan, after all, will be no more after June of this year. Only a Pope can stop a Bishop in a process like this.. Ratzinger most likely has other things on his plate besides a small town Catholic School in the Coal Region.
> Nativity offered up an idea yesterday: Co-validictorians. This year's junior CB class, if they went to Nativity, would have representation during next year's graduation. A one time only deal.
> Academics, sports, school spirit. All different. New school colors.. a brand new Alma Mater. So many changes awaiting the class of 2008 and 2009.. and 2010. And beyond.


Anonymous said...

No surprises here... students in the chapel addressed by outside principals form Nativity and Marian with Fr. Adam hosting the show. Why the dog and pony show for the students instead of first speaking with the PARENTS?

This shows the lack of planning by the Diocese (again). When do they plan on taking care of our spiritual needs?

SG '84 said...

Once again, the bishop makes his decision and the poor families affected are left to fend for themselves-this so called transition team should've been at CB on 3/26-NOT have a meeting a week later w/the principals to decide on the actual team-
I totally agree w/anonymous-the parents should've been spoken to first NOT the students-wonder if the bishop decided that as well??