Friday, March 2, 2007

It's the weekend..

And it's going to be interesting. The stage set now for Sunday's meeting at Cardinal Brennan .. early word have predictions that more than 100 people will show for the meeting. Some alumni getting together. . parents .. former students.. interested parties.. donors that gave money and maybe won't be able to anymore..

Former student writes to paper..

Official questions were sent to the diocese this week as well. Question 14 may hit the hardest: "The bishop once referred to Schuylkill County as the “slum of the diocese.” How does that viewpoint impact the decision to study the feasibility of Cardinal Brennan? Why are we seen as the stepchild of the diocese in every instance except when requesting money?"

I wonder if the questions being compiled by Matt Kerr included the 'slum' reference..

Walking through the valley of darkness gets dark.

Stage set for Sunday. Two hours for over 70 questions.

Oh, if you don't get your question heard, there *drum roll please* will be a chance to write down your question on a small index card and give it the representatives of the diocese that come to Cardinal Brennan's field house.

Oh, and "Kerr said he is unsure if anyone will be permitted to ask questions from the floor".

Silence is deafening.

2 comments: said...

That's a great picture of CB. Why not show it side by side with Nativity and show the world (Diocese included) which school could offer more to Catholic education in Schuylkill county?

Bridget said...

I dont know who did this, but you did a great job.