Sunday, March 4, 2007

Initial dispatches..

There was a light snow falling down on Cardinal Brennan when parents, students, priests, nuns, parents, media, and other interested parties arrived for the scheduled 2pm meeting about the future of Cardinal Brennan Jr/Sr High..

Several hundred people lined the field house of the school, jammed in to hear the words of the decision makers that will soon announce what they say the fate of CB should be..

The pastoral council was just about to begin their presentation when students erupted in the Alma Mater. Parents and alumni joined in, ending with a stomping, loud applause..

The initial report: Just as some expected. The door has been left open, at least it appears, that CB could possibly stay open.. The next meeting will be mid-month, the council announced.. They'd submit their recommendation on the school to the Bishop, who then would make his decision..

Even though the process sounds official, it also sounded that way before. Other dioceses faced the same types of meetings.. other schools faced the same types of words..

And schools still ended up closing..

Perhaps the same fate for CB awaits. Maybe not. Time will tell.

But at least this day, telephone poles and yards were lined with signs in support of Cardinal Brennan, past and present, and future..

More coming..

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Ken said...

judging from tonight's meeting, the writing's on the wall. it's goodbye time for the school, their decision is made.